Where We Offer Tutoring Services
in The Woodlands Area


In Your Home

The tutor can come to the student’s home if there is a place available with minimal distractions. We ask that a parent be present somewhere in the home, and we charge an extra $5/hr. travel fee for coming to the home.  


At The Tutor’s Home

Some tutors can provide a space in their own homes where tutoring can take place. A parent can stay in an adjacent room.


Neutral Location

Simply Tutoring does not have a facility, so some tutors and students meet at a mutually agreed upon neutral location such as a public restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore or library. Every effort is made to match you with a tutor who can meet you at a convenient location for you.


When Tutoring Services Are Available

Scheduling is customized for each student. Sessions can occur after school, during evenings, weekends or even during the weekday if the student is available then. A session is one hour in length, or longer if agreed upon ahead of time. Regular weekly tutoring on the same day/time each week is recommended for consistency and the best results.