Many students begin taking the SAT and/or the ACT during their junior year in high school. Some take the tests in the fall, and then use the results as a diagnostic tool for tutoring, so they can re-take the tests more successfully later in the year. Most students like to have these tests completed by the end of their junior year, so they can focus on college applications at that time. The decision on which test to take, if not both, depends on the college(s) being applied to and the advice given by the school counselor.  

Students usually take the PSAT during their sophomore year (or sooner) to give them a preview of the SAT and assess their likely aptitude.





The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test) is widely used for college admissions. It is a paper-based standardized test offered by College Board, an educational testing service, about seven times annually, and it covers writing, critical reading and math. Simply Tutoring offers experienced tutors who have helped students very successfully over the years with SAT prep including tips and tricks to alleviate the high anxiety usually associated with this 3 to 4 hour test that has so much weighing on its outcome. The one on one help allows the tutor to zoom in on specific problem areas for each student as well as give a good overall understanding of what to expect.

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The ACT (American College Testing) is another standardized test used for college admissions. Some feel it is a more straight-forward test resembling the STAAR testing of high school, and it covers English, math, reading, science and writing (optional). The test is offered about six times per year, and for more information on testing dates/locations/fees, go to: