Composing well-written essays is vital to almost every subject. Many of the skills below are necessary in becoming a good writer, including reading which is addressed separately. Some teachers in The Woodlands area give lots of writing practice while others do not. And there is certainly value in learning the “formula-type” writing  (i.e., persuasive, compare/contrast, narratives, expository, etc.), but some students would do well to have more creative writing or free writing practice.  

A language arts tutor can reinforce and then complement what is being taught in the classroom. And don’t forget the SAT essay and college essays required for most college applications.


Our language arts tutors can cover all levels of learning including: remedial, on-level, Pre-AP and AP for skills such as:

  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Mechanics
  • Note-taking
  • Research skills
  • SAT essay writing

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